A step-by-step guide on how to become an architect

An architect involves planning, designing, and overseeing the different structures of construction, such as offices, houses, stadiums, restaurants, etc. The primary objective of all architects is to plan and design all components of a structure. The architect’s work is not so simple, they have to consider the key measures of public safety, quality, functionality, and environmental protection.

In this blog, you can find steps to make your goal of becoming an architect come true. Ensure you have the skill of not giving up and always ready to work hard, if yes, you can sustain yourself in this field.

SIX Steps on How to Become an Architect:

Here are the basic six steps to becoming a licensed Architect.

Step 1: What kind of architect do you wish to become?

Before the steps, know there are different types of architects, so be clear with what kind of architecture field you want to pursue. They are:

  • Technical architect- To ensure that structures comply with regional and local construction norms and laws, study & adjust the construction mechanics and details.
  • Planning architect- Invited to offer guidance on the project’s integrity to local and national standards and regulations.
  • Site architect- It is necessary to delegate orders to construction employees, obtain a construction contract, and maintain quality and safety throughout the project.
  • Design architect- One focuses on the building’s overall construction and design. Responsible for drawing up a blueprint and modifying the building’s design in accordance with client preferences.

Step 2: Start with Bachelor’s Degree

Once completed your secondary education, go for B. Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) which is a 5-year degree course with the purpose to polish your skills and knowledge of architecture in the construction sector. It covers both practical and theoretical exams to become a professional architect. The minimum qualification for a bachelor’s degree in Architecture is 10+2 and if you’re planning to apply,

  • Indian universities- Need to qualify the NATA Exam or any other university-specific exam.
  • For an abroad university- Need to have a valid score on the exams like the ACT, SAT, or English proficiency exams like TOEFL or IELTS.

Step 3: Internship/ Training Programs

Architects should have a mandatory internship period before getting a professional license. The process is like this,

  • Need to work under a professional architect to get exposure and gain experience in the construction field as an architect.
  • In other countries, there are training programs like IDP (Intern Development Program) or IAP (Intern Architect program) for preparing their licensure exams.

Basically, you can experience in architectural areas including- practice management, design, project management, and pre-design.

Step 4: Get a registered license!

The important step is to get a registered license to work as a professional architect. It is good to consider where you can make eligible job opportunities when you get a license.

  • In India, you need to register COA (Council of Architecture) with all required documents in addition to obtaining a certificate from a recognized university.
  • For other countries, you need to focus on ARE (Architect Registration Examination) or ARB (Architect Registration Board) to earn a professional license.
  • In addition to the Architect Registration Examination, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) offers additional certification. Applying for jobs in architecture across multiple states will help you showcase your experience and professional skills.

Step 5: Work/ Apply for an “Architect”

Once you receive the license or clear the Architect Registration Examination, apply to work as an architect. You can get opportunities to work in the firm, private practice, or field you performed as an intern. Know the duties of the architect, are:

  • Develop designs that clients ask for.
  • Oversee the projects to ensure functional and high-quality design.
  • Produce blueprints
  • Compose pre-design figures.
  • Research the regulations which impact on project
  • Explore different construction approaches
  • Have to be a pro in advanced computed technology.
  • Good team coordination in finding construction contracts and workers.

Step 6: Can sustain when you have strong skills.

An architect can be effective when they are responsible for having knowledge about the construction of a structure or building and hard & soft skills. They are,

  • Engineering knowledge to understand the elements of the construction process that includes physics, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Have to know how to create a drawing, renderings, and plans which means you need to build skills in drafting by hand, computer-aided design, and building models.
  • Requires good leadership skills as managing construction needs to lead the team and ensure all the workers understand and implement the project norms.
  • The last but much-needed skill is strong communication skills where you need to engage with the clients and the ability to create a presentation that conveys your vision.

Step 7: Earn a Master’s Degree

If you completed your bachelor’s in top B planning colleges or India’s top colleges. Then, you can next aim to pursue a higher-level qualification. Go for a Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) degree that advances you to get a postgraduate degree that you can expertise in a specialized field.

Also, it is a good option for those who don’t have an architecture-related bachelor’s degree or individuals wishing to work in a research or teaching capacity.

What is the difficulty of becoming an Architect?

  • The process of learning is long where you can be placed in a job, once you have completed the academic and professional training.
  • As it is a competitive field, you can’t compare the starting salary with other professionals.
  • Need to work in a different environment and workloads fluctuate throughout the year.

As already said, if you have a true passion for architecture, then you get to pass through this difficulty easily.


Architecture is the field for those who want to utilize their imagination to create something new that is both aesthetic and helpful. If you can adapt to this creative process, the architect works for you. Architects with good at designing and engineering are always wanted in various fields. As a result, they can develop the skills, and innovation to solve the issues and can become demanding and difficult architects.

Author Bio: Stella Marie: Stella Marie is a passionate blogger at Karpagam Institution, a leading institution in Coimbatore. She love to create engaging content that adds value to the readers.

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