How to simplify digital learning-a journey from a professor’s point of view!!

Modern education requires modern educators; hence they need to gain knowledge about advanced technology. Nowadays, we all are familiar with various digital devices and glued to our smartphones or laptops almost every time. When it comes to education, why we do not transform our medium into an online platform to make things more accessible and effective?

While students have already started to adopt online platforms to continue with remote learning, it is important for educators now to get flexible with the medium and deliver quality teaching.

How an educator or professor can simplify digital learning for their learners and themselves as well:

It is not a new thing that every professor or teacher at any level has different styles of delivery. But in the end, the goal is to satisfy their students’ needs. The decade-long traditional classroom learning is changing rapidly. In this 21st century, we can not separate technology from education. From teaching students virtually around the world to online discussion panels, creating assessments by using multimedia tools, are making teaching-learning patterns more informative and engaging. It has been proved that online learning motivates students and leaves a positive impact on everyone. But digital learning doesn’t only benefit the students, it allows the educators to upgrade themselves as well. It helps them to build a positive attitude, upskill themselves and enhance their knowledge. There is no doubt that effective teaching increases the involvement of students in their courses, it also helps both educators and students to balance their academic lives and personal lives. They can invest the extra time into another activity to refresh their minds during this critical time.

But any learning session can be engaging and effective if the educator knows the tricks. It is important for them to create the study environment hassle-free and flexible for their learners. Here are a few tips to make the online sessions more efficient:

  1. One of the best ways to engage your learners for remote learning is to interact with your students while conducting virtual classes. An educator has to remember that it is not a physical classroom where they can call someone’s name or get to them for an answer. In the online platform, teachers have to be more vocal with fellow students and give them spaces to share their ideas to upskill their critical thinking.
  2. Secondly, teachers have to learn how to use multimedia teaching tools to create content for their students. These contents include videos, audiobooks, infographics, assessments, assignments and many more other varieties. If you are not aware of how to utilize the tools properly, you can always search related videos on the youtube platform or google for any additional pieces of information. Some of the edtech platforms also offer free trials for educators to teach them how to make engaging content for learners to make the study more fun and entertaining.
  3. Also, one should always record their lectures because these recordings are important for any students for future reference. If some student is absent for any reason, he or she can go back to those recorded lectures and study to learn their concepts.
  4. In addition, educators always should send notifications to their students about any upcoming classes or class tests. It can help students to schedule their timetables accordingly. A teacher can notify their students by email, texts or directly via the application they are using for eLearning purpose.

Most of the students are now accepting online platforms as part of their education because it is flexible and they can learn at their own pace. It is now an educator’s responsibility to make the virtual classes interesting and engaging for students to keep them dedicated towards online education for their brighter future.

Published by Ashish Sood

Ashish Sood is an experienced professional in the Higher education industry. He has worked with various international publishers namely Wiley and Springer Nature handling the sales and marketing verticals with P&L responsibility. He has also worked with EdTech companies like Coursera and Simplilearn developing the education vertical. He also possesses skills like team building, team management and digital marketing. As a certified Six Sigma yellow belt he also understands the importance of process management.

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