Transforming How to Learn

Author: Ms. Ashu Wadhwa, Principal, Paramita Heritage School, Karimnagar

Interdisciplinary Learning

The new century introduced significant changes in didactics and teaching methods. Pedagogy of the twentieth century differs from the pedagogy of the twenty-first century. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, there have been many changes in the development of national and world education.

New approach to learning is intrinsically linked to teaching practice and strategies for course design, delivery and assessment. The first step in the direction is development of new age curriculum under the scope of Interdisciplinary learning which though seems new term to comprehend is now a part of Paramita Group of Schools., It  gives us immense pleasure to start this  new phase for learning  with a  deep insight into  EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.

IDL is such a magnificent approach which is a combination of targeted learning objectives from not one discipline but threading from more than one discipline focusing on a single, central theme, issue, problem or work. It integrates all disciplines and generates high level understanding of a theme or work and ideas that cut across the disciplines. It gives us space for the connection among the disciplines and their relationship to the real world. 

As per our understanding of IDL, it undoubtedly helps us advance in Critical thinking and Cognitive development in the learners. It provides learners to use their inner potentials to the fullest as there is room for the Cognitive abilities like – Brain-based skills and mental process. They develop such skills like – critical thinking, toleration of ambiguity, problem solving skills, self-confidence and passion for learning, self-efficacy.

Through interdisciplinary studies, students:

  • Discover the value of integrating the study of various academic disciplines suited to their life-long interests.
  • Learn creative solutions to some of today’s most challenging problems.
  • Become interdisciplinary thinkers who analytically and creatively embrace new ideas.
  • Develop collaboration skills while working with others who have different perspectives.
  • Are prepared for professional study, and for careers in new and emerging fields.
  • Students are highly motivated as they have a vested interest in pursuing topics that are interesting to them. As a result, the content is often rooted in life experiences, giving an authentic purpose for the learning and connecting it to a real-world context. Consequently, the learning becomes meaningful, purposeful and deeper resulting in learning experiences that stay with the student for a lifetime.
  • Students cover topics in more depth because they are considering many and varied perspectives from which a topic can be explored.
  • Critical thinking skills are used and developed as students look across disciplinary boundaries to consider other viewpoints and also begin to compare and contrast concepts across subject areas.
  • Students begin to consolidate learning by synthesizing ideas from many perspectives and consider an alternative way of acquiring knowledge.
  • Exploring topics across a range of subject boundaries motivates students to pursue new knowledge in different subject areas.
  • Transferable skills of critical thinking, synthesis and research are developed and are applicable to future learning experiences.
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge and application of different disciplines can lead to greater creativity.
  • Worthwhile topics of research can fall in the ‘spaces’ between the traditional disciplines.
  • Helps to get practical and hands-on experience for effective learning.

We are proud that we have taken up a 10-day PILOT PROJECT to see how IDL works in the context of PARAMITA GROUP OF SCHOOLS. With able guidance of GOPALAN Sir and everlasting Encouragement and timely inputs of Chairperson Prasad Rao sir, with the able support of Directors and Principals. The project was taken as a challenge even though we are going through the extreme pandemic and running under the roof of ONLINE classes. The determination of the entire team involved has proved that there is no hindrance for Paramita’s innovation and initiation to make TEACHING-LEARNING process on par with global standards. The project has been fruitful with PROJECT GLOBE. Entire team has given its heart and soul to make the project to be on cloud nine as it makes the process of learning very amicable, student-friendly giving the scope for self-learning, exploration, critical thinking and inter relation among all the disciplines besides bringing real life learning into the classroom though it was remote learning. Teachers and students are efficiently engaged in the process giving their best to learn, explore, research and prose, express besides being enthusiastic and confident.

Learners across the disciplines engaged themselves in learning, exploring and especially in connection with one another. Inter connection by the students among all disciplines is an amazing outcome in the 10-day Pilot project that came out very successfully boosting the confidence in teachers as well as in children of course the entire admin crew too. Students expressed their experiences as they have thoroughly liked the approach and expressed their readiness to take up the IDL and to be engaged in exploration across the disciplines.

                        The entire journey of IDL with its team have been fantastic and an detour for the new era to be commenced in PARAMITA as it gives everyone elixir to be 21st century facilitator and to be animated to serve the need of the education system and country with great vigor and verve besides being vigilant under the guidelines of GALAXY of Mentors .

About the Author:

Ashu Wadhwa is an experienced School Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the Education Management industry. Skilled in English, Staff Development, Lesson Planning, Language Teaching, and Curriculum Development. Strong education professional with a B.ed, M.ed, M.Phil focused in Education from Central Institute of Education. Delhi University. Completed Post Graduate Diploma in School Management and leadership from IGNOU . Special expertise in CURRICULUM OF IIT/ NEET FOUNDATION /ADVANCE COURSE PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION ALONG WITH REGULAR CBSE CURRICULUM. 

Published by Ashish Sood

Ashish Sood is an experienced professional in the Higher education industry. He has worked with various international publishers namely Wiley and Springer Nature handling the sales and marketing verticals with P&L responsibility. He has also worked with EdTech companies like Coursera and Simplilearn developing the education vertical. He also possesses skills like team building, team management and digital marketing. As a certified Six Sigma yellow belt he also understands the importance of process management.

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