Students participating in a distance learning class are not physically present at the lesson. Students communicated with their schools or teachers via mail when taking a correspondence course. Distance education has evolved into a system that can be accessed via nearly any online device in the past few years.

Are Online Degrees as Respected as Traditional Degrees?

A pertinent question that is being discussed over years is that does the employers respect online degrees or not. Online learning was once an oddity and value of online degrees was uncertain. In recent years as more and more have started offering online programs the respect continues to grow. In a recent survey conducted byContinue reading “Are Online Degrees as Respected as Traditional Degrees?”

EdTech to Solve the Skill and Employability related Challenges in India

Currently India is facing a problem of high unemployability amongst the students graduating every year. As per a survey, about 50% of BE/BTech students, 60% of MBA students and 60% of Polytechnic students do not get jobs every year and join the ever-increasing list of unemployed youth population in India. This phenomenon is not dueContinue reading “EdTech to Solve the Skill and Employability related Challenges in India”